Breast cancer is preventable up to 40% by adopting a healthy lifestyle

Breast cancer is preventable up to 40% by adopting a healthy lifestyle

By Andleeb Khan

ISLAMABAD, Tuesday, October 13, 2020 (WNP/DL): Adopting a healthy lifestyle is important because studies show that breast cancer is preventable around 40% by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

According to the report prepared by World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute of Cancer Research “Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective – the Third Expert Report” nutrition and physical activity affect the cancer risk including breast cancer. 

By adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can boost our immune system which is essential in preventing different diseases including breast cancer. A healthy lifestyle includes taking a healthy diet, practising hygiene, being physically active, getting adequate sleep and managing stress.

Around 40,000 women die every year because of this fatal disease. Researches show that a significant proportion of non-communicable diseases are due to poor lifestyle choices and about one-third of the cancer deaths each year are due to lack of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and physical activeness. We can reduce the mortality rate by spreading awareness regarding prevention and early detection.

The theme of this PINKtober is “Become A Better You” which focuses on health, beauty and confidence and revolves around a healthy lifestyle intending to improve the overall well-being of women and girls.

This year PINKtober we are encouraging people to think positive and adopt preventive measures in their routine life, which can become a pivoting point for all the precious lives are at stake. So, let’s go pink and become a better version of ourselves by making better health choices, appreciating our inner beauty and raising our confidence.

Pink Ribbon Pakistan, a nationwide breast cancer campaign that has been working successfully for over 16 years, is celebrating “PINKtober” which is a breast cancer awareness month. During PINKtober, Pink Ribbon arranges massive activations to create a voice from grass-root level to policymakers.

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